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 What are Prayer Beads
 Prayer beads are strands of beads used
specifically for prayer and meditation.

The nature of the prayer or meditation and
the particular ways that prayer beads are used
are various, but the beads and the strands
onto which they have been strung have an a very mystical significance.
Any bead that is used for prayer or meditation takes on a personal meaning far beyond
its inherent beauty.
The number of beads and the way they are used differs from each religion and tradition.  The most compelling reason for using beads in prayer is
To calm, relax and remind us of who we are.  
This is an experience that is wonderfully creative and personally enhancing.
The process by which you find, choose
and string together your beads is a journey in itself.
Making your own prayer beads on

Wednesday, September 14, 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.
Rock Ridge Retreat and Learning Center

Class fee:  $20, Supply fee:  $12,  Total:  $32

Kelly will provide the tools, beads, and everything necessary for you to leave with your own self-made prayer bracelet.

We had great fun last night making our own prayer beads! Edwene Gaines, Brandy Pecaut, Kristy Golding, Donna Sutton, Cathy Haven Howard, Denna Day, Thank you for sharing what I love to make! It would be great if you could post a picture of the prayer beads you created! — with Brandy Pecaut and Cathy Haven Howard.


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